Silver Epoxy: Versatile and Reliable Adhesive

Silver epoxy is one of the most reliable and versatile adhesives available in the market and noted for the special functions it takes. This is one of the several types of epoxies offered for sale. There have been an increase in the demands for this product recently therefore epoxy manufacturers are on the rise with their massive productions to meet the growing demands of customers. This type of epoxy displays unique attributes and because of these, users are advised to be familiar with the mixing ratios and the compounds that make it more effective and reliable.

Silver epoxy has been with individuals for decades and this is commonly utilized for electrical purposes. Epoxies have evolved over time and of all the many different types, the silver epoxy has become a top pick because this is perfect for all types of applications.

Silver is certainly the most popular adhesive and filer though other types are also still being used. Though silver epoxy aids in alleviating electrical short, there is still the tendency for non-conductive oxides and galvanic corrosion if used in incompatible component. It is a challenge to find a good epoxy manufacturer that produces high quality silver epoxy.  Atom Adhesives is one of the better epoxy adhesive manufacturers in the US.

Features Of Silver Epoxies

This particular type of epoxy features excellent electrical and thermal properties and has the ability to bond different types of surfaces. This is ready to use with syringes and easy mix ratio. This epoxy is also noted for its good electrical and thermal conductivity features and excellent chemical and water resistance. No wonder, many individuals these days use this epoxy due to its efficiency, reliability and adhesive performance

Silver Epoxy Uses And Applications

Silver epoxy has many uses but usually, this is used when replacing solder when bonding electronic components that are sensitive to heat. This is also an easy and quick bond to heat sinks, circuit boards and other components. There are several variations of silver epoxies that can be perfectly use in providing radio frequency and electromagnetic frequency shielding and filling seams in between conductive jumpers and metal plates.

Most individuals also use this particular type of epoxy for repairing and assembling electronic projects. Users coming from the different industries like automotive, marine communication and other industrial industries rely on this adhesive for many different purposes. This epoxy adhesive got incredible strength and can bond two objects or surfaces perfectly. This can be used in various materials ranging from wood, metal to glass.

Silver Epoxy Advantages

In order to ensure that you will get premium quality and genuine products, you need to commit with the most trusted and reliable epoxy supplier. This will also guarantee that you will get authentic silver epoxy that will give worth to your money. Using branded epoxies yields many advantages including compatibility to various ranges of surfaces, reduced thermal stress when processing, excellent cycle performance, simple cleaning requirements, non-toxic feature and finer pitch capacity.

If you have the desire for effective and reliable adhesive system, silver epoxy can be of great help and this adhesive will never fail to offer you with satisfying bonding results. You can use this on various applications and expect for consistent results.


Industrial Epoxy Review

Due to its reliability and varied uses, industrial epoxy is considered as a first choice among many manufacturers. Industrial epoxy is a polymer that can be utilized in anything that range from water tanks to concrete floors to industrial equipment, and a whole lot more.

Due to its natural properties, it is believed to have its extreme and long-lasting durability. The chemical makeup that it has accounts for its capability of forming bonds and allows for the toughest materials to be fixed together.

Along its dependability, industrial epoxy is being relied upon by the many manufacturing firms around the world. When it is sold, it is usually shipped on oversized containers which are capable of holding big quantities. They often purchased it in bulks.

Many manufacturers make use of expensive equipments. These equipments are always exposed to acidic substances such as alkali bases, harmful chemicals, and water. In safeguarding these equipments against deterioration, many companies have relied on the different kinds of industrial epoxy. This is considered as the main solution to all of their problems.

This substance is also capable in the repair of damaged equipments that the polymer coating offers prevention against rust. In fact, this is also utilized as a dependable method in maintaining and repairing concrete floors that are mostly found in industrial plants, manufacturing centers and warehouses. As they are more exposed to industrial traffic, concrete floors are worn and spalled over time. This results to developed cracks and holes in the entire concrete flooring.

Industrial Epoxy Usages

Most manufacturers make use of industrial epoxy in the repair of damages. The floors are simultaneously resurfaced with an elastic protective coating. This coating is enough in withstanding harsh abrasions, heavy traffic and tough impacts. It also offers resistance against strong chemicals, cleaners, acids, corrosives and solvents.

Waste and water management gears such as water tanks, basins, wet wells and pipes can erode because of constant contact with other elements like mineral acids, sewage, alkalis and saltwater. In the repair of current damage and prevention of future deterioration, most manufacturers apply coating to waste and water management equipment. It does not only repair the existing corrosion but it also provides protection for future damages. Despite harsh chemicals, abrasive materials and high temperatures, the equipments can last for a long period of time.

In general, the use and development of industrial epoxy provide effective and great results. Manufacturers can testify to that. There are a lot of things through which it may be used. It even provides for better protection on the most important assets. It is also possible save more money because of its long-lasting effect.

With the varied industrial epoxies to find in the market, most manufacturers are assured to have the perfect product that fit on their needs. They have the most ability to further repair damage and withstand dangerous substances. Extreme conditions are not anymore a problem because industrial epoxy is proven to be a valuable commodity to many manufacturers around the world!

Benefits of Food Epoxy

Food epoxy is one of the most sought after forms of industrial adhesives. This is primarily because of the elegant and striking effect it offers on surfaces, which have been used with them. Such coating can be used in an extensive variety of buildings, which include laboratories, commercial facilities, even food and beverage plants, and several other structures having concrete surfaces. The advantages of applying this coating are quite several and they will surely provide any form of coating a great worth for the money.

One of the greatest advantages offered by Epoxy adhesive and coating is the safety they offer to foods. Yes, food epoxy is made available in order to make sure that food and beverage plants are using only safe substance when bonding and coating their facilities, where their food items are being processed.

Because of its perseverance, safety and durability, food epoxy coatings are commonly applied in several facilities. It also offers a number of benefits, which include making surfaces smooth and easier to clean. Dust and dirt may easily be cleaned if your concrete floor is coated with food epoxy. Because of this, epoxy floor coatings become an ideal option for sensitive facilities such as pharmaceutical plants, packaging plants, and food and beverage plants. A food epoxy floor coating can make your concrete surface durable and hard. This makes it an excellent form of investment for almost any business.

Food Safe Epoxies

Epoxies, which meet the CFR 175.105 specification of FDA, are used in various food processing equipment pieces in an incidental and indirect manner. In order to comply with the specification, the complete forms of chemicals applied in the formulation of epoxy should appear on the list of FDA’s approved ingredients.

A higher classification or more rigorous for various food grade systems is known as FDA CFR 175.300 specification. It is a sensitive test that consist of the protocol on which epoxy is insistently tested for very low levels (less than 0.5 mg/in2) of extractable after being exposed to elevated temperatures and/or solvents.

The treated specimen is being examined for toxicological properties at the same time. Epoxy adhesives and coatings that pass such strict test could then be utilized for much more persistent indirect contact with pieces of equipment related to food. In addition, if utilizing epoxies that are food grade, it is vital that its end user put information forward on the entire constituents applied in the outcome to the right organization or agency.

With the advantages of food epoxies, more and more plants are considering their application. Another great advantage of using this form of product is the creation of beautiful surface on which it has been applied.

With epoxy coating, you may end up with the surface having an appealing high-gloss shine. They can be found in different styles and colors. So, you can make sure to get the one that will surely suit your personal preferences.

Applying the product on the floor makes it chemical resistant, thus making it really safe for food-related industries. So, if you are one of those people looking for a health safe form of adhesives and coatings, looking at the availability of food epoxy must be a great idea.

Why use industrial epoxy?

Industrial epoxy and industrial coatings are designed to last and provide long-term uses in manufacturing facilities as well as for mass production. Industrial epoxy is usually used in industrial coatings which need to last and stand up to years of wear. These types of epoxies are tested rigorously to make sure that they can stand up to even the hardest elements. Manufacturing facilities have varying degrees of temperature as well as dust and vibrations which can be very difficult to manage with many coatings. Industrial strength epoxy is designed to stand up to all of these elements and last throughout thousands of hours to provide coatings that you can count on for your business or manufacturing facility.

Extensive research goes into developing a wide array of epoxy coating which is suitable for multiple surfaces and multiple environments. It’s always best to ask an expert when it comes to selecting the right industrial epoxy for your individual plant because then you can receive just the right coating that will last through all of the elements that you can throw at it. Getting the wrong epoxy could mean that the coating could instantly fall away or will last for a very short amount of time. Epoxy coatings also come in a variety of different thicknesses which can benefit manufacturing projects. Certain manufacturing projects have very strict tolerances as do types of machinery.

Industrial Epoxy Protects Against Rust

While this machinery and manufacturing products will need to be properly sealed, tolerances make it very difficult to apply industrial epoxies which are thick. This is why very strong, thin drying epoxies are created and developed so that manufacturing facilities can stay within their strict tolerances without compromising quality or exposing their products to rust.

Some of these industrial epoxies come in two component systems which can provide a durable layer of protection in even the most harsh environments. Industrial epoxies can coat a wide array of services as well including; ceramics, zinc, copper, galvanized steel, fiberglass, carbon steel, polyester and more.

These industrial epoxies protect all types of equipment across different types of industries and can provide real protection on a company’s investment. Industrial epoxy sealing is something that needs to be continuously monitored and reapplied on occasion to make sure that manufacturers are able to protect their equipment and prevent breakdowns and major repairs.

For more information on industrial epoxy please contact the experts to receive a quote on the type of epoxies that are available for your needs.

Food Epoxy – FDA Approved

Food epoxy is generally used in products that are used in food service industries, packaging and more. This food grade adhesive is perfect for coating and lining cans, woodworking, kitchen tools and more. Food epoxy can be found in many of the wooden kitchen tools you might have a run your kitchen such as salad bowls, cups, serving platters and more. For companies producing these materials and for companies that require adhesives that can provide safe use for products that will be directly contacting food, food epoxies are required for manufacturing.

Constant research is done in any product that regularly touches food. As epoxies and adhesives can have powerful chemicals in them, companies that work within the food service industry are constantly looking for new food epoxies that can be used in their products. These food epoxies are created specifically to deal with oils, liquid, acidic liquids and exposure and are created using materials that will form a clear and safe finish that can’t affect human health especially when the final product comes in contact with food or food preparation surfaces.

Food Epoxies Are Suitable For Human Consumption

In the worst-case that these epoxy materials are ingested by humans, most food grade epoxy is completely suitable for human consumption without any side effects. While a furniture designer or creator might be more concerned about the way that an epoxy would bind to a certain type of wood or the effect that it might create, manufacturers for products that have to do with food are more concerned with safe adhesives and epoxies that can be used safely with food.

If companies are unable to produce products with some degree of safety and FDA approved adhesives and proxies this can lead to massive fines and lawsuits within the food processing industry. Any industry to do with food is heavily policed by the health department and faces stringent rules and regulations especially when it comes to the materials used in construction. If a company is producing any materials that have food contact surfaces food epoxy may need to be used especially if there is a need for a sealer or adhesive.

Each of these epoxies is regularly tested and developed to offer a safer product as well as a stronger product. The FDA’s constantly testing new food epoxies as they are released on the market for toxicological issues as well as stress tests. In order for a food epoxy to be approved by the FDA it needs to pass each round of testing with flying colors.

Medical Epoxy

Medical grade epoxy involves coatings for all types of medical products and instruments. If there are surgical instruments or monitoring devices which could come into contact with humans in an emergency room special medical epoxy needs to be used to seal this technology and prevent it from damage as well as ensure that humans are exposed to infection.

Medical grade epoxy also needs to stand up in the toughest of environments including high temperatures, exposure to chemicals as well as exposure to radiation. Medical epoxy needs to be completely safe for humans to react to. Because quite often medical grade epoxies are used in medical tools and monitoring, these types of epoxies will have to be completely safe to be used in operations and when humans may be undergoing surgery.

Medical Epoxies Are Safe For Human Health

Because these coatings are present when humans are at their weakest they not only need to stand up but also provide surfaces that make it difficult for bacteria to grow and transfer. The chemical composition of these medical epoxies also cannot affect human health in any way. When surgical tools which are coated with medical epoxies are used during surgery there is a good chance that some of the chemical composition of that epoxy might find its way to reacting with human tissue. Strict inspections are done with each new epoxy solution to ensure that there are no side effects and that all new epoxies developed are completely safe biologically.

A medical epoxies usually applied using industrial methods and is not affected by any type of elevated temperature or ongoing exposure to UV light. This means that epoxies won’t fade or start to crumble away even after extended use or direct contact with sunlight or examination lights. Epoxies may need to be on occasion reapplied but they do have a very high thermal stability which means that the compounds will withstand years of use. Medical epoxy can also withstand multiple sterilizations meaning that surgery tools coded in this epoxy can be used multiple times without any fear that the items are losing their coating.

If you require more information about the sealants and coatings of medical equipment. Or you would like to know more about how you can use medical epoxy to seal equipment in your own office, consult the experts who can deliver the answers you need on all sorts of medical epoxy.